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Fall Pool Maintenance Tips


Fall Pool Maintenance

While summer is often the season of carefree cannonballs, fall brings with it added responsibility as a pool owner. Regular maintenance becomes significantly more important, and emergency maintenance and repair loom as a distinct possibility. Here we will give you the basics of how to keep your pool clean and beautiful through the autumn season.

Regular Maintenance

You should try to lock down your pool maintenance schedule so that your pool can make it through to the other side of winter looking just as inviting as ever. This includes:

* Skimming the surface for floating debris and picking up larger sinking debris before it enters the filtration system.

* Keeping your pool filter clean. The added debris and lower temperatures means your filtration system will be working overtime with a dirty filter.

* Closely monitor pool chemistry with your test kit to ensure proper pH and chemical levels. Note that lower temperatures means you need to use less chemicals.

* Brush your pool to prevent scum buildup on surfaces and cracks.

* Maintain water level. Lower water levels will leave rings on the edges that are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Fall Maintenance

When entering the season of falling temperatures and multicolored foliage, swimming pool care takes on a new phase. Even though you probably won’t be taking many –if any– dips, your pool needs even more attention than usual, so that winter’s (potentially) freezing temperatures don’t do any damage, and is ready for the next swimming season. Extra fall maintenance includes:

* Remove all floats and toys from the pool.

* Ensure your pool cover is clean and damage-free. A properly-fitting pool cover for outdoor pools is essential for keeping the entire system in peak performance.

* Remove leaves from in and around the pool area. Leaves big and small will quickly clog your filter and prevent water from being cleaned.

* Lower the water level of your pool. Water expands as it freezes, and could damage space-constrained equipment.

* Purchase a winterizer kit from your local pool supplier. These kits usually involve chemicals that prevent freezing and maintain water health during lower temperatures.

* Follow instruction specific to your pump and filtration systems for winter months.

* Continue to maintain water chemistry.

While Fall brings a few extra steps to pool ownership and maintenance, The payoff will come when your pool is crystal clear and ready for fun in the next pool season. This article serves as a brief overview of swimming pool care during the autumn and winter season, and there is much more to the process. Consult your local expert to learn the specifics for your pool setup.

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