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Saltwater vs Chlorine Pools


Salt Water vs. Chlorine Pools

Chlorinated pools have been the de facto standard for residential pools ever since their inception. Adding chlorine to your pool to maintain clean and healthy water is relatively simple and cheap. Today however, there has been a push towards salt water pools as the advantages of setup and maintenance seem to outweigh those of a chlorinated pool. We’ll look into the pros and cons of both, so that you can decide which is the better fit for your pool.

Chlorinated Pools


* Supplies for chlorine pools are already very prevalent and easily obtainable. Oftentimes, the chemicals are pre-measured, which means less math, and possibly less mess.

* Chlorine treated pools reportedly scrub bacteria from the water faster and more thoroughly.

* The majority of installed pools have a chlorine setup, so no extra upfront costs.


* Chlorine and chlorine additives are harsh chemicals, and can sting eyes, irritate skin, damage hair, and fade clothing.

* Regular cost of regular upkeep is more than that of a saltwater pool.

* Chlorine pools must be tested and balanced for pH levels regularly.

Salt Water Pools


* Salt water pools do not have the same level of salt as the ocean, and will not leave you feeling like you just walked out of it, nor does it taste significantly salty.

* No chemicals means no harsh effects in a salt water pool.

* Salt water pools are cheaper for regular maintenance.

* Maintenance also takes less time than on chlorine setups.


* High upfront cost if converting a chlorine pool, including new filtration system and initial base level of salt.

* Salt levels in the water need to be maintained, and pH levels need to be checked on occasion.

* Slower cleaning process means potentially dirtier water with very heavy use.

So there you have it. The decision between the two systems is up to you, but you should now be a little more informed on the choice, so that you have the right fit for you and your family.

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