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How often should I change my pool filter?


One of the most common questions regarding pool maintenance is how often the pool filters should be replaced. The short answer to that question is, “it depends.” This article will give you a more in-depth answer to the oft-asked question.

Cleaning and changing your pool filters is dependent on multiple aspects of your pool’s environment and usage. But even if you clean your pool filters regularly, in order to maintain effective filtration, they will need to be replaced on occasion.

During regular cleaning of you pool filters, look for signs of wear and tear.

If your filters have bands, are the bands fraying or broken? The bands play an important role to the filtration process: they keep the filter from flattening, thus reducing the effective filtration. Broken bands are a sure sign that the filters need to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to replace the filter if the pleats have become flattened.

Have a look at the fabric of the filter. Are there bald or fraying areas? The material used to filter your pool water will eventually become worn out and will not filter as well. When you see loose fibers or holes in the fabric, it’s time to change your filter.

Are the plastic end caps cracked or rotting? Damaged end caps can cause leaks in the filter, making them essentially useless. Replace your filters if you notice any damage.

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