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How long does a pool pump last?


Though pool pumps should last a number of years, they do however wear out over time. How long should your pool pump last? We will go over the different aspects that dictate the lifetime of your pool’s pump.

Pool pumps consist of two main parts: the pump and the motor. The pump is the part that pushes water through the system, and the motor is the part that provides power to the pump. While the motor likely needs to be replaced every few years, modern pool pumps should last significantly longer, usually only after replacing the motor two or three times.

Pool pumps will eventually wear out after enough time in service, and will need to be replaced as the hard plastic will warp over time. Older style metal pumps will wear out more quickly, and it’s best to plan replacement as soon as possible.

Pump motors need to be replaced more often, as the consistent usage wears them out quickly. However, modern magnetic drive motors should last between five and ten years.

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