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Eliminate Environmental Sources Of Black Algae


Most of us live in California because we love sunshine and warm temperatures.  However, with the warmth and our region’s proximity to water comes a rain.  Rain can have several negative effects on your pool.  It tends to wash black algae off of screens, tree, plants, and decks and into your pool.  In most circumstances, the chlorine in your water is at a high enough level to kill black algae before it takes root in your pool and begins to bloom.

When there is heavy rainfall, your pool’s chemistry can be overrun by the volume of rain and black algae has a chance to develop and thrive. Once it grows in a pool, black algae is tough to remove and it generally takes several treatments to remove.  When your pool is treated, it is critical to identify and remove the source to keep it from returning.

The ideal way to avoid black algae from growing in your pool during the rainy season is to prevent it from contaminating the pool water in the first place.  Our extensive experience gives us a short list of the usual suspect sources and what to do:

  • Pressure wash or clean patio furniture and decks
  • Periodically pressure wash your screen and rail system
  • Loosen the bottom screen rails to allow water to flow off your pool deck
  • Clean your gutters so they are free of leaves
  • Trim back landscaping that overhang the pool
  • Pressure wash rocks and water features near the pool

Of course, we live in California so algae spores can be carried by the wind. Unfortunately, all means of entry into your pool cannot be cleaned up, so if you start to notice black algae growing in your pool, give The Pool Master a call at (209) 531-3373.  We will help you develop a plan to eliminate black algae from your pool as well as from the environment near your pool.

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