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It’s Time to Prepare Your Pool for Summer


Whether you have a swimming pool, spa or just a decorative garden pool, maintenance nags you the minute spring temperatures stabilize. The sight of a pool laden with debris accumulated over a long winter makes you cringe at the thought of the work involved to prepare your pool for summer.

Pool That’s Smarter, Not Harder

All pool owners should consider the labor intensive job of preparing a pool for summer versus the cost of allowing the professionals to do it. To the surprise of pool owners in many areas of California, for example, the cost of professional pool service is very affordable.

The drawing card for professional pool service is the convenience of expert pool consultants who manage all of the work from start-up to closing at the end of the swimming season. What takes you weeks to prepare your pool for summer use, takes professionals less than a day or two, depending on the size of the pool and surrounding trees and vegetation.

How Ripon, California Residents Get More Enjoyment from Their Pools

Residents of Ripon, California in San Joaquin County choose The Pool Master Service for professional pool service consultants.

Mark and Annette Schroen, The Pool Master Service owners, provide the Ripon community with complete service, repair, and maintenance. As licensed contractors, (Contractor License No. # 957813), there is never a question of their experience or expertise. The Pool Master Service prides itself on excellent customer service. Their high volume clientele proves this.

Pool Maintenance Affects Your Property Values

Pool owners know regular pool maintenance keeps pools in great shape and ready for the swimming season when they are. The best reason to choose The Pool Masters when it’s time to prepare your pool for summer is to protect your property value.

There’s nothing as attractive or beneficial to property value as an expertly maintained pool. Pools absorb a lot of wear from weather and general use. The Pool Master Service provides an annual inspection of your pool to ensure structural integrity and protects it from costly repairs. For more details on professional pool services in the Ripon, California area, call us at (209) 531-3373.

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