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Broken Pool Equipment?


Every pool owner has experienced it at some point in time. A pool party is planned for a celebration and the day before, the pump decides to pack it in. Now you are left with a pool that can’t be filtered. The following are the most likely reasons you now own broken pool equipment.

The Seals

The seal plate is what joins the motor with the pump. If the motor or housing nuts and bolts are not properly fitted it will create problems such as leaks. Cracks can also appear, but this is usually caused by someone overtightening the bolts.


The motor is what turns the pump, in order for the water to start flowing. After a period of time, it will start making different types of noise. If it’s a screeching sound then its most likely the bearings. A humming sound indicates a failing capacitor. If there is no sound at all when you turn on the motor then most likely the shaft that drives the pump has stopped turning. Hence, the reason why this is the most serious of all broken pool equipment. In this case replacing the pump is the only course of action.


There are three different types of gaskets, housing, lid and diffuser gasket. The housing gasket is located between the seal plate and pump. It acts as a seal and it is easy to spot. Over time, the gasket starts to give, and water starts to leak out. If you see a wet pump pad, then this is most likely the reason. If air is entering the pump system then it is because of a faulty lid gasket. The diffuser gasket increases the water pulling power. If this starts to go, there will be a decrease in water pressure.


The motor spins around and around turning the impeller. The impeller is what actually pumps the water from point A to point B. Think of it as a propeller on a boat. Everything else, including the motor, can be in perfect condition, but if the impeller is not, then the water isn’t going anywhere. If you hear a rattling sound when the pump is turned on, then most likely it’s the impeller issue.

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