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The Importance of Adding Conditioner to a Pool


Adding conditioner to a pool water is not complicated, but it is important to follow every proper instruction. The truth is that pool conditioner takes time to dissolve. Some take days and not minutes. Pool conditioners also expand in water. So, the application process will be different than chemicals. Here are some guidelines to apply when adding conditioner to a pool.

1. Always make sure to add the correct amount when adding conditioner to a pool. The application should be around 30-50 parts per million or 100 parts per million at most. An acid level test kit can reveal the pool’s acid levels.

2. Shut the pool system off, and remove the filter basket and skimmer. Baskets may halt the conditioner’s flow once you have added the filter. Replaced any lids and turn the system back on. Now add the correct amount of conditioner into a bucket of pool water and stir it up in a slurry. Add your slurry into the skimmer, and make sure you do it will small amounts.

3. Add the next recommended dose until all the conditioner is gone. Run your pump for an hour or so and replace all system baskets.

People add conditioners to help keep the pool free of germs and other harmful elements. A conditioner does this by helping protect chlorine from evaporating in the sun. Chlorine kills viruses, ameba, bacteria, and kills or prevents algae from building up. It also oxidizes waste from urine, lotions, and skin oils. Pools require a lot of upkeep. They can provide a lot of fun, or a lot of woes if not maintained properly.

Adding conditioner can be a little tricky, even intimidating to some people. The application process may also vary by product. Pool Masters is the expert at servicing pools. A swimming pool service company has the chemicals, equipment, and experience to keep pools fit for family enjoyment.

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